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bloodfox9988 le 07-10-2012 à 14:42:59
In our battery benchmark examination, it managed to final one particular hour just before providing up on us. It is really a brutal benchmark though and, frankly, we feel slightly cruel occasionally in subjecting these poor minor points to it. If you utilize it sensibly and prohibit wireless connections and display screen brightness, you can expect to receive a a great deal greater efficiency.
Dominique Q. le 06-05-2011 à 08:24:09
Quel travail magnifique, j'adore...
SophiePTML le 29-04-2011 à 17:13:21
ben oui !
albertovaranda le 27-04-2011 à 14:06:45
hibernatus le 27-04-2011 à 11:04:41
on est gâtés..... merci